Training Practice

Castle Street Medical Centre is a teaching and training practice. This means that medical students and doctors in training will be present from time to time.
We teach fourth and fifth year medical students from Sheffield University. These students are fully mentored and supervised by our GPs. They spend much of their time observing practice.

You are under no obligation to have the student stay in clinic when you attend and you will be asked for your consent for them to do so. GP Registrars are fully qualified doctors who are undergoing training to become GPs. Dr Kar is an approved trainer, and Dr Carberry and Dr Kerry are Educational Supervisors. During a registrar’s time within practice the major part of their training is understanding consultation techniques.

This means that, with the consent of the individual patient, there will be occasional video recording of patient consultations in order to discuss their style and any issues with their GP trainer.

Patients who consent to have their consultation recorded can be assured of strict confidentiality and security and that once reviewed the recording will be erased.