#WhatItMeansToMe Campaign

This campaign follows the national #WhatItMeansToMe NHS campaign, showcasing the reasons why people received their vaccination with the aim that those who are vaccine-hesitant and share similar demographics may re-consider getting their vaccination by reflecting upon what their reasons might be.

We captured the views and profiles of people from all over Derbyshire and why they got their vaccination. Please share their stories and reasons with your network as we approach the end of first dose vaccinations available to the public. There are a range of images are available to download and use as GIFs at: joinedupcarederbyshire.co.uk/covid-19/what-it-means-to-me

You can also help us reach as many people as possible by sharing our social posts:

Young People Resources

Young people may not at such a high risk of becoming seriously ill or suffering long term effects from contracting Coronavirus, but that does not mean that they cannot catch it or transmit it. We have collated useful toolkits and resources to support you to engage with people aged 18-30 regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. You will find a range of downloadable resources targeted at increasing uptake amongst this age cohort including:

  • Social media images and videos
  • Myth busting
  • Web banners
  • FAQs


Easy Read

In this toolkit you can find information, guidance and resources in easy read formats to use and share. This toolkit is for primary care health practitioners, public health workers, carers, parents, schools, community organisations and more.